29 May 2014


I have been wanting to try a pin up makeup/hair look for quite a while so I was more than thrilled on Wednesday night when my best friend came over as this was a perfect opportunity to experiment. Beth and I are both really interested in makeup and when boredom hits, we normally decide to do each other's makeup. Once, on New Year's eve, we decided at ten o'clock at night to do each other's makeup just because we were sick of waiting for the countdown! I love doing Beth's makeup because her skin is just so flawless and smooth. She has long dark hair which is amazing to experiment with, so naturally I seize the opportunity to take advantage of her amazing features and she becomes my guinea pig.

I was so happy with this look when I'd finished it and it meant that we just had to have a impromptu photoshoot in my garage (vinyls included)

Pin-up makeup is so simple, it mainly consists of a strong red lip with a nice crease cut or a pale eye. I used Mac's Blanc Type eyeshadow, which has a cosy home in Beth's makeup bag, as a base for the eyes and then blended 'Nooner' from Urban Decay's wonderful Naked 3 palette into the crease. This resulted in a nice nude eye. I then preceded to use my much loved Magic Liner from Topshop to create a winged eyeliner look which really completed the eye makeup. For the red lips I used a lipstick from Avon which I got for christmas as part of a set. 

The hairstyle was my favourite part of this look. To get this curly up do I simply curled Beth's hair towards her face and twisted it into one big curl. I curled all of her hair individually in the same direction to make one big ringlet style curl on each side of her head. The versatility of Beth's hair made this so easy to create. When I had created the two big ringlets, I twisted them to the back of her head and used bobby pins to secure them. The actual look turned out a lot messier than I had hoped but I think this gave a nice twist to the look (excuse the pun). To give the hair a bit of a 1950s vibe, I created a quiff on each side of her parting which made it quite edgy.

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