3 May 2014


My mam had a clear out of her wardrobe and I was therefore obligated to have a rummage through some of her hand me downs, so I picked up a stripy top she bought ages ago and it's now mine! I love french fashion and stripes just scream 'parisian'. She got it from a charity shop a couple of years ago but I think it's originally from Marks and Spencer. Even though my mam gets really good bargains in charity shops, when she drags me in them it bores me to tears!

The top looks a bit boring when you wear it by itself so to jazz it up a bit I styled it with a necklace I bought last year from Republic. I like the colour as I am a massive fan of rose gold. I love how simple it is to completely change an outfit just with an accessory! I really like statement necklaces, especially when they're styled with something simple and everyday.

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