31 March 2014


First, let me just say that I'm not getting bribed in any way to compose this post which will more than likely compliment Sighh Designs up to the high heavens. I have been following Polly and her company SighhDesigns on twitter for about a year and a half now, and both her accounts are amazing. Her personal account is full of funny anecdotes and generally amazing tweets, whereas SighhDesigns showcases the variety of phonecases/pocket mirrors/etc you can buy from the comforts of your laptop. Anyway, enough on the contexual side of things.. lets get to the good bit.

One of my favourite things about Sighh Designs is the typography included on the phone cases. It makes the cases look so original and Polly always gets it right (she is a genius). For example, look at this biology based case, there is such a variation of font that just stands out and the background consisting of cells and organelles just seal the deal. What makes it even better is that this case was hand drawn, talk about dedication. I also love the pink/green colour scheme of this case.

Sighh Designs also make little pocket mirrors which contain the same kind of kooky designs. I love this one; this is basically my life summed up in four words. I am always getting lipstick on my teeth!

If you haven't got the general idea from this post already, I absolutely love Sighh Designs and I am so inspired by how Polly has sucessfully developed her own little business over time. In my opinion, her cases are so much better than the ones you can buy in shops such as Urban Outfitters - because they ooze individuality. She is so popular on Twitter and Instagram and I have seen so many people rave about her cases! She also has a blog which is very cute. You can check that out here .

Please go and check out Sighh Designs today, if you are anything like me (a sucker for cute designs) you will love everything.

 photo imagebutton-1.jpg

All of the photos included in this post were taken by the wonderful Polly , founder of Sighh Designs. I take no credit whatsoever for the any of pictures included in this post.

30 March 2014


I love reading/watching hauls and I thought that I would take the opportunity to show you all a collection of things that I have bought in the past couple of weeks.

The first thing on the list is a pair of curling tongs. I have been looking for some curlers that will define my curls when I have it natural, as I find it really hard to curl my hair with straighteners. I picked up the Remington Keratin Therapy Hair Tongs from Boots! I paid £24.99 for them which is a pretty good price for a quality pair of curlers! I have used them once already since buying them on Saturday and I think they work really well. They have a variety of heat settings so they can be adapted to use on any hair type.

After seeing Gabriella aka Velvetgh0st include Topshop's Magic Liner in one of her makeup tutorials, I just knew that I was going to buy it. I had previously been using a liquid eyeliner by Loreal and I felt the need to find a new one because the one I was using was drying up really quickly. I really like the Magic Liner because it is so easy to use, it is highly pigmented and it has a really pointy nib which helps you get the perfect line.

I also bought a lipstick from Kate Moss's Collection. I owned this lipstick a while back and I lost it but I am so glad I finally found it again! The shade is 016, which is a lovely coral colour, it's really moisturising to your lips as well which is a big advantage. Coral coloured lipsticks are great for summer.

26 March 2014


The definition for wanderlust is 'a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world.' This definition defines my feelings.

I visited Paris in December as a school trip and it really opened my eyes to how beautiful cities in Europe can be. I have been on holiday to lots of beach destinations in Spain such as Menorca and Majorca, you know what I mean.. the type of holidays where you spend a week just eating too much, drinking too much and getting too much sun, those holidays are always great but I am so intrigued by the idea of visiting cities. Paris was amazing, we spent four days there and I pretty much fell in love with the people, the architecture and the sights. It was my first time visiting France and it was so lovely, I definitely would go back.

If I had the opportunity in the future, I would love to go inter-railing through Europe. The idea of inter-railing is where you basically travel through Europe via train and all you take is a backpack that contains everything you need for the entire duration of your trip (also known as backpacking funnily enough). The only thing that makes me feel a little bit sick about the idea is the thought of having to stay in a hostel. As you may know, hostels are the most basic form of accommodation (In the one I stayed in when I went to Hungary it looked like a prison) but, saying that, around fifty percent of the time they're about ten times cheaper than a hotel. I'd totally be prepared to stay in a hostel if it meant I could spend 2 days in Amsterdam, whatever state it was in.

17 March 2014


Jean Shrimpton is, in my eyes, the image of the 1960s. Every part of her shoots throughout the years have been executed with precision and even now at the age of 71 the memories from her modelling career still echoes on, irregardless of her retirement from public life. Her imprint has truly been left on the fashion industry. 

As the photo above shows, Jean's style was absolutely amazing. The 1960s was a time that premiered a variety of different styles, such as the pillbox hat which was introduced by America's First Lady Jackie Kennedy and the infestation of everything PVC. Jean Shrimpton's sixties style ranged from fur coats to massive brimmed hats. I love the photo of her that I've included because of the coat/blazer combo with the shirt, she combined menswear with the generic feminine style and pulled it off brilliantly. I am also taken aback by her eyelashes in the photos I have seen of her, how very 'Twiggy'.

15 March 2014


I just can not believe that it's March already! I was going to call this post 'March Favourites' but realised it was gonna be a bit out of context seeing as we're only half way through! Instead I'll just make it a generalised 'favourites' post. One thing I've been loving at the moment is UD's Naked 3 palette, I love the colours and I find they are perfect for daytime looks. I must say, I was absolutely thrown by how gorgeous the naked 2 palette was and it will always be a staple in my makeup bag, but the naked 3 palette is slowly creeping up to being a second favourite. It retails at about £35 but it lasts ages and is so highly pigmented. 

I have also been loving a perfume by Burberry, which is called Burberry (how straight to the point is that!). The perfume comes in a circular bottle and looks a little bit like wee in the bottle, don't be fooled because this perfume literally smells lovely. The bottle in question belongs to my Mam but I have borrowed a few spritzes over the past couple of weeks and I am slowly becoming addicted to it. Burberry just screams amazing in general, from it's advertising campaigns to it's famous check design. I'm so glad it's perfume range lives up to expectation.

Another thing that I have been loving is 'Harmony' by Mac which I have raved about a few times. It is a lovely brown toned blush which I'm finding really handy for contouring as well as using as a blush! I don't think I can praise Mac blushes anymore than I have. I love them.

13 March 2014


If there were two words to describe my hair, the two words would be dry and damaged. My hair has been put through numerous dyes and even a bleach as a result of my ambitions to become blonde. I have since given up with that ambition after finally getting the colour I wanted and then deciding to dye it back brown, typical.

I am trying my best to give my hair some TLC and one of the ways I am doing this is by treating it to a dose of high conditioning every now and again, that could be through using a hair mask or leaving my conditioner on for a little bit longer than usual. My favourite technique for giving my hair a little bit of nourishment is via a hair mask, which I normally leave on my hair for about 3 to 5 minutes. One of my favourite hair masks is Aussie's famous 3 Minute Miracle. As the name suggests, you are advised to leave it on as a deep conditioner for 3 minutes. You can leave it on for longer than 3 minutes if you like, the longer the better. It has a divine smelling creamy formula which provides a total treat to your hair. My bottle also has a funky label which is apparently limited edition (how swanky). I love Aussie products in general, they are amazing. This is no exception. Aussie's 3 minute miracle leaves your hair feeling and smelling unreal. It basically smells of heaven.

10 March 2014


I thought I would do a little bit of a different post today! I am going to talk about my favourite songs at the moment. This was a very hard decision to make, as I have a lot of favourite songs, and the list is always changing in some way, shape or form.

One song I am loving at the moment is A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope. I know this is a pretty old song but I discovered it about a week ago and I really like it. It is so cute and Pope's voice just makes it sweeter. I like the meaning behind it and it has some quite soppy lyrics like 'I was praying that you and me might end up together' but nevertheless, its a very nice song.

Secondly, The Wire by Haim is dominating my favourites. I literally love Haim, as you may know if you have read previous blog posts by me! They have such a funky 80s vibe to their songs, and they are all pretty gorgeous - which is a bonus. I listen to this song every day at the bus stop and it is definitely one of my most listened to songs. It's just so good!

Another oldie I've been loving is Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis. I'm actually listening to it whilst I'm typing this, so it fits in quite well. This song is so rock and roll, when I'm listening to it I can actually imagine the Gallagher brothers walking down a sunny camden street with sunglasses on, in slow mo. I'm not a massive fan of oasis and I only really know their mainstream stuff but I really like this song!