23 May 2014


Lately I haven't been blogging as frequently as I'd like to because of exams, thankfully I've got the majority out of the way.. such as two out of three of my dreaded History exams and both my English Literature exams (thank GOD that I never have to look at Of Mice and Men or The Crucible ever again!) I am so glad that I only have a few left so I can get back into blogging as regularly as usual.

As well as starting my exams, my final day of secondary school also came at the beginning of May. The day was filled with laughter and a few tears as the realisation of growing up sank in to many of our minds and the affirmation that exams were starting three days later hit me too! I am so grateful for all the friends I have made since starting secondary school five years ago and I still remember my first day. Looking back at how much my life has changed since I was a overly tall eleven year old in a blazer that was far too big for me compared to now, being a averagely tall sixteen year old with a blazer that is now far too short on my arms, I honestly can't believe how many things are different.

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