18 July 2014


I've always been in two minds whether I like pool sliders. I remember when my dad had a brown pair and he had them for about 20 years so I've always associated Birkenstocks and 'pool sliders' with childhood holidays to Menorca. Pool sliders have become really popular recently and I really like how Alexa Chung combined her black pair with jeans. Whether you love or loathe pool sliders, it looks like they're here to stay. 

I was very happy when I saw an exact dupe for Birkenstock's White Arizona sandals in Primark and I was even happier when I noticed the price tag of £8. What a bargain. I would say these are a pretty good imitation of Birkenstock's Arizonas, however the actual Birkenstock sandals have a smooth matte leather covering but my pair from Primark do not. They really do look similar and I've found my pair are very comfy to walk in. So if you fancy saving about £40, check out Primark for a pair of pool sliders, Birkenstock style.

13 July 2014


I'm going on holiday to the Maldives in about a week and a half, I am so damn excited and I can't wait to just relax and get lost in a few good books whilst totally chilling out. I have decided that I'm going to take four books with me, although I'm worried that I'm going to read them within the first couple of days and then I'll be stuck for reading material!

The first book I'm planning on taking is the wonderful Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. If you are a regular reader of my blog you'll probably know how much I love The Hunger Games. This is the last book in the trilogy and it is my favourite book of them all. A lot of people say that it's confusing but I think it is the perfect finish to the series.

Although I'm already a couple of chapters into this next book I'm going to talk about, I think it's going to be a very good read whilst I'm on holiday. I've wanted to read Wicked by Gregory Macguire for a while now and I finally ordered it a few weeks ago. You might of heard of the musical of the same name which has been running in London's West End for eight years. The musical is based on the book which retells the story of Elphaba who you may know from the Wizard of Oz. Elphaba is the Wicked Witch of the West and the book tells you a whole different side to the story of Oz and what happened before Dorothy.

I bought If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch purely as a spontaneous buy. I was in Waterstones with my mam and I was reading the blurb and noticed it featured someone with the same name as me so I decided to buy it. Don't get me wrong, the blurb drew me into buying the book swell. I'm excited to read this book because I don't know what the book is about so this will be a new experience for me as I've seen no reviews for it.

I am very excited about reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I don't know what it is that is making me excited to read this novel, I think it's the whole symbolism aspect, and it might also be the fact that it's based in Paris. I've heard this is a wonderful book and I can't wait to start it.

I am really excited to go on holiday now, even though I haven't even started to pack and I still need to buy a few things to put in my suitcase! I think I will get through a book just on the plane as I'll be travelling for a total of thirteen hours - but I'm sure the sun, sea and sand when I get to the Maldives will be worth the travel time.

What books are you taking on holiday this year?