17 March 2014


Jean Shrimpton is, in my eyes, the image of the 1960s. Every part of her shoots throughout the years have been executed with precision and even now at the age of 71 the memories from her modelling career still echoes on, irregardless of her retirement from public life. Her imprint has truly been left on the fashion industry. 

As the photo above shows, Jean's style was absolutely amazing. The 1960s was a time that premiered a variety of different styles, such as the pillbox hat which was introduced by America's First Lady Jackie Kennedy and the infestation of everything PVC. Jean Shrimpton's sixties style ranged from fur coats to massive brimmed hats. I love the photo of her that I've included because of the coat/blazer combo with the shirt, she combined menswear with the generic feminine style and pulled it off brilliantly. I am also taken aback by her eyelashes in the photos I have seen of her, how very 'Twiggy'.


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