15 March 2014


I just can not believe that it's March already! I was going to call this post 'March Favourites' but realised it was gonna be a bit out of context seeing as we're only half way through! Instead I'll just make it a generalised 'favourites' post. One thing I've been loving at the moment is UD's Naked 3 palette, I love the colours and I find they are perfect for daytime looks. I must say, I was absolutely thrown by how gorgeous the naked 2 palette was and it will always be a staple in my makeup bag, but the naked 3 palette is slowly creeping up to being a second favourite. It retails at about £35 but it lasts ages and is so highly pigmented. 

I have also been loving a perfume by Burberry, which is called Burberry (how straight to the point is that!). The perfume comes in a circular bottle and looks a little bit like wee in the bottle, don't be fooled because this perfume literally smells lovely. The bottle in question belongs to my Mam but I have borrowed a few spritzes over the past couple of weeks and I am slowly becoming addicted to it. Burberry just screams amazing in general, from it's advertising campaigns to it's famous check design. I'm so glad it's perfume range lives up to expectation.

Another thing that I have been loving is 'Harmony' by Mac which I have raved about a few times. It is a lovely brown toned blush which I'm finding really handy for contouring as well as using as a blush! I don't think I can praise Mac blushes anymore than I have. I love them.


  1. Hi great blog, I have nominated you for toy Liebster award, find out informtion on the TAG on my blog http://izzbizzz.blogspot.com.au


    1. Ah thankyou so much! Thanks for tagging me, it sounds fun and I will be doing it soon :) xxx

  2. Great post dear:)
    Love your blog,followed!:))

  3. I really want to get the Naked 3 palette!
    Lovely blog :)

    Hannah x

    1. It's a great investment, thank you very much x