22 April 2014


Summer is my favourite time in terms of colours. In the winter months I feel like darker colours are more fashionable but when it comes to summer the bright colours always make an appearance. I don't paint my nails much when I have school but thanks to the six week summer holidays (which is going to last about ten weeks for me this year) I have the freedom to paint my nails whenever I want.

In summer I like colours that compliment my tan and when I went to Majorca last year I bought two really nice nail varnishes from Barry M's Hi Shine gel collection. I was really happy with the gel consistency of the nail varnishes, which are called Prickly Pear (the purple shade) and Pomegranate (the hot pink shade). They left my nails feeling and looking very nice. I must say, they have amazing staying power as I think I only had to repaint them once throughout the fortnight of of sun, sea and sand.

Another brand I absolutely love for nail varnishes, whatever season, is Sinful Colours. I first discovered Sinful Colours in Boots about a year ago. Their nail varnishes retail for £1.99 which is so cheap - it's a really good price for a drugstore high quality nail varnish. I particularly love the shade 'Unicorn' which is a cool toned yellow shade that just screams summer, however it's the type of colour that you need to wear on top of a white undercoat as yellow nail varnish has been known to stain nails.

I might have to go on a nail varnish haul sometime soon because at the moment I am craving nail varnish, I think the last time I bought nail varnish was in September! There's no doubt that I will probably have a huge obsession with colourful nail varnish again this summer.

Do you have a staple nail colour for summer?

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