1 February 2014


I actually cannot describe how much I love Haim. Haim are a american girl group that originate from Los Angeles and together they produce music that could make Jesus Christ shed actual tears of joy. 

Este, Danielle, and Alana are sisters that together produce the most wonderful harmonies that, combined with their rock-pop guitar playing, produce an addictive 80s like sound. I am addicted.
My favourite song is either 'The Wire' which reminds me of a country song that has been mixed with a vintage synthesiser which also features a genius three part harmony or 'Falling' which makes me want to live in a John Hughes film, so '80s'.

Another thing that dazzles me about Haim is how ridiculously good their fashion sense is. Alana Haim (aka. Baby Haim) is my favourite style icon out of the three, with her kooky skirts and crop tops to her canvas t-shirts and jeans. The girl is a genius.

Baby Haim rocking a denim shirt.

I hope this post has brought you to love Haim as much as I do. I think the days are gone where girl groups have to fit into a certain stereotype as Este, Danielle and Alana prove.


  1. I saw them perform on SNL and thought they were pretty good! Following your blog now ♥

    1. SNL is the funniest thing ever haha, so glad Haim are getting noticed. Thankyou! x

  2. I love Haim, their music and their style is so on point!

    Millie x