29 January 2014


Alexa Chung. She has the most gorgeous hair, a sense of style that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous and flawless skin. When I grow up, I want to be her, if only that were possible! She is not only the image of perfection but to add to her wide list of achievements; she has dated Alex Turner, she is best friends with super trendy Daisy Lowe, and has graced the cover of Vogue three times. If you're not extremely jealous of her by now, you should be.

 Alexa's fashion choices hold inspiration for the young, quirky and everyone in between.
I don't know which is more gorgeous, the backdrop of this photo, or Alexa.
One of my favourite things about Alexa Chung is her laid back style of hair and makeup, she makes a messy bun or a curly bob look so effortless and easy, and still looks picture perfect. Alexa normally keeps her everyday makeup very simple, with a slick of foundation, a dab of blush and obviously a swift flick of a liquid eyeliner. She is known for her trademark cat eye look and has even brought out a liquid liner for Eyeko which just confirms she knows her stuff. Alexa has always had her famous brown hair either shoulder length or shorter, and she has always looked incredible. Over the years she has stayed loyal to her one signature style of hair, normally keeping it wavy and sometimes rocking a bed head, however she has had many different colours of brown and experimented with ombre.

I could go on for hours complimenting Alexa but unfortunately, there is a limited amount of times I can rephrase my love for her school girl meets grandma style.